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Cairns & Plaques

Cairns and Plaques

One of them  is a monument or cairn commemorating the founding of the MacLeod settlement and unveiled on August 1st, 1965. It is situated on the Laggan-Glenelg Road, approximately 3-4 miles east of Highway 34.

There is also a plaque by the St-Andrews church in Williamston.

Click here to view the text of these plaques    


Click here to see pictures of the 2012 cairn dedication

Stones of recognition have been mounted on the cairn in June 2012 and honor the following:


John D MacLeod
Clan visionnary
Founder of Glengarry Society
1936-07-04Kathleen (Kay)


Campbell & Gretta Macdonald
in loving memory

Dorothy Irvine
Good Friend
Kind Heart

Rod M & Cassie
Alex D & Helen
Lot 21, Con.7

John A. & Lottie MacLeod (D. W.)
Clan Members

Barbara (MacLeod) Armstrong
Natl Pres. 1994-2000
Devoted MacLeod

Kathleen (Kay)
MacLeod Desc.

Rod D.K & Nora B.Macleod
Frmed on this lot 18, Con .6

Helen (Dougal) MacLeod
Dedicated Clan Member

Kate Ann MacLeod-McCrimmon
Secretary Treasurer
1644-46 & 1956-58

Flora MacLeod Johnston
Alex and Ethel 

Helen C MacLeod
Strong Supporter
Clan & John D

Madeleine McCrimmon
Historian and Author


John K & Annie
Harold & Karen MacLeod
Glengarry My Home

John W. MacLeod
(Billie D)

Sandy and Mable
Donna Cameron MacLeod
in loving memory

Doreen Howes
Once a MacLeod
Always a Macleod

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