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Who are the MacLeods of Glengarry


The first Clan MacLeod Society in Canada was founded in Glengarry County, Ontario in1936. Since then, eleven societies have been established in various regions across the country. The Societies belong to a National organisation,  the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada, which represent Canada in the world wide associated MacLeod societies.

This Society is the oldest continuous Society outside of Britain. It was formed in 1936 and the first Clan Gathering was held on Saturday July 4th 1936 at Dunvegan ON when one thousand MacLeod descendents net kith and kin. Many early MacLeod’s, MacCuaig’s, MacGillivray’s and others arrived in 1793 under the leadership of Kenneth MacLeod and his son Captain Alexander MacLeod from Glenelg Scotland. They settled on lots in the Kirk Hill (originally Glenelg) area where descendents still reside. Over the years the Society has undertaken several projects. The erection of a stone cairn with a plaque was placed on the front of the farm lot settled by Kenneth and Captain Alexander MacLeod. This was to commemorate the arrival of the first MacLeod settlers In 1793. The farm is still in the possession of the descendents to the sixth generation. A major project was the compiling of family genealogies which are in the book, “The MacLeod’s of Glengarry, 1793-1993”. This book is still available at a cost of $40.00. No updating is planned at this time. Another important project was to provide some money to be used for the instruction of piping and drumming and the participants to form a duty band to play at the Highland Games. This is an ongoing project. Other Societies also donate money to this worthy cause but the MacLeod’s are proud to have started this band.

The Genealogy of the MacLeods of Glengarry was compiled and published in 1971; an updated version was published in 1993. You can purchase this latest book by visiting our Mac Store.


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Executive Officers

President Ray MacLeod 613-525-2942
Past President Doreen Howes
Secretary Helen MacLeod
Treasurer Mary MacLeod

Doreen Howes
Ray Macleod





Program Historical Refreshments
Clara MacLeod
Ian MacLeod
Doreen Howes
Madeline MacCrimmon
Donaldson MacLeod
Iain MacLeod
Emerson MacGillivray
Joan McEwan
Evelyn MacQueen
Mary MacLeod
Auditor Nominating Cairn Trustees
Ernie MacMillan John MacLeod
Emerson MacGillivray
George MacLeod
Doreen MacLeod-Howes
Membership / Registration   Active Committee Members
Joan MacEwan   Yvon MacDonell
Flora Poulton
Barbara MacLeod


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Our objectives

Our mission is to commemorate our ancestors and heritage



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Septs of Clan MacLeod

The following are Septs of clan Macleod. Those that are highlighted in red are represented in our territory and are members of our society

Septs of Harris
Askey Beaton Bethune Beton
Caskey Caskie Grimond Harold
Harrold MacAndie MacAskie MacAskill
MacCaig MacCaskie MacCaskill MacClure
MacCrimmon MacCuaig MacHarold MacKaskill
Maclure MacNicol MacRaild MacWilliam
Norman Normand Williamson  


Septs of Lewis

Aulay Callam Callum Lewis
MacCare MacCallum MacAuley MacCallum
MacCorkill MacCorkindale MacCorkle MacCorquodale
MacGillechallum MacGillechallum MacLewis Malcolmson
Norie Norrie Tolmie  


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